Welcome to the website of the Chimaera Trio, consisting of Annemiek de Bruin (clarinet), Irene Kok (cello) and Laurens de Man (piano). Here you can learn more about the musicians and their performances, listen to recordings and find their contact information.

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Review Classical Music Sentinel
”Not only have these musicians mastered their respective instruments, but Annemiek de Bruin (clarinet), Irene Kok (cello) and Laurens de Man (piano), collectively known as the Chimaera Trio, understand that the printed score is simply a bridge to what lies on the other side, the quiddity of the music itself. With the highly expressive cello assuming the vocal role, set against the forlorn tonal character of the clarinet and the orchestral qualities of the piano, they fully “get” Mahler’s intent.”


The name of the trio is derived from a Greek mythological figure.
The chimaera is a vicious, bloodthirsty creature composed of parts of a lion, a goat and a snake. Watching the chimaera was an omen of thunder, shipwreck and disaster. So it is certainly worth the effort inviting the Chimaera Trio or come and listen to them!

Music is a moral law,
it gives a soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
a charm to sadness,
and life to everything.
It is the essence of order
and leads to all that is good,
just and beautiful. – Plato

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